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Sunday, 8 January 2012

How to Eat Healthy to Transform Your Life


Hi Friend,

Once in a while, a book comes along that you just can't miss.
Eating for Energy by Yuri Elkaim is one of those. Very simply,
this book can change your life! And based on the
overwhelmingly positive reactions it has received, it
definitely can.

If you lack energy, have dwindling health, are overweight, or
simply are sick and tired of struggling with the latest "fad
diet" then Eating for Energy may be your ticket. It is a
healthy eating guide outlining nutrition principles found in
nature that when applied create an abundance of energy, a
perfect body, and life-long health.

A recent reader Vanessa Flook shares: "I have been applying the
principles in Eating for Energy for just two weeks now and am
absolutely amazed! The meals are lovely and satisfying, I no
longer have hunger pains, no cravings for sugar, and my moods
have improved dramatically. I no longer get bloated or feel
'too full' and it really has made me think twice before eating
other foods. I just love it, my skin is glowing and those
extra few pounds have fallen off."

New York Times Best Selling Author, Raymond Aaron says: "In a
world filled with dubious diet books, Eating for Energy
identifies the proven steps that will lead to abundant health,
a fit body, and radiant energy. I can't think of a better book
on healthy eating to help you get from where you are to where
you want to be. It is easy, understandable, inspiring, and
applicable. It's the best tool to come along in years. "

David Wolfe, the father of living nutrition, says: "The entire
book is framed positively and contains a wealth of
solution-oriented action steps for readers. The recipes are
very extensive as well. Enjoy Eating For Energy and have the
best day ever!"

If you don't believe that eating natural whole foods is crucial
to your health and vitality then you're selling yourself short
big time.

Ever wonder why animals in the wild do not succumb to the
diseases that plague mankind? And even worse, that they begin
to exhibit "our" diseases when we domesticate them! Obviously,
the way we are eating (and living) is killing us...and our pets.
Don't you think it's time for a change?

Eating for Energy is based on natural nutrition principles. It
is not a fad diet. It does not restrict you. Instead, it
empowers you to make smarter and healthier food choices for a
radiant and energetic body and life.

The ebook also comes with a 12-week meal plan and 120 delicious
recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare!

This is an ebook to add to your hot reading list! Visit
to purchase your copy of Eating for Energy today.

To your health,

Bernard Tan

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    Eating Healthy Food


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A Good Why and How on Nutrition, March 13, 2009
By Kelly Klepfer (Iowa) posted on

"If you are serious about making nutritional changes and curious about why that's a good idea, you should consider looking into Eating for Energy. With loads of information on the benefits of eating raw plant foods, Yuri Elkaim, presents very compelling reasons to make the suggested changes in your lifestyle.

He provides several recipes and details on specific products and supplements.

If you are coming from a fast food lifestyle and are casually considering making some changes for the better this information could overwhelm you as it is a step up from simply eating healthier and/or organic. However, it is a valuable tool if you really want to change your future health and your life.

I read it and found the it easy to read."

A new lifestyle, September 17, 2008
By Breeni Books "" (Rockwell, NC) posted on

"It is common knowledge that illness and obesity are plaguing North America in frightening degrees. We know it must be related to foods we are ingesting, but with so much conflicting information on the market, usually tainted by self-serving advertisers, it can be difficult to choose a diet that is truly wholesome and beneficial to our health. Yuri Elkaim's Eating for Energy provides some encouraging information about a "back to basics" approach to eating that just may save lives.

As an athlete, Elkaim found that the diet he was consuming, which was high in fruits, vegetables, and protein, was not providing him with the energy he expected. His studies in Holistic Nutrition led him to discover a new way of viewing how the human body processes food. As a fitness and nutrition coach, he developed a diet based on whole foods that eliminates many of the toxins that are so detrimental to our health.

Eating for Energy begins with quite a bit of scientific information. Elkaim explains how diffferent foods interact with the human body, breaking the foods down into their smallest particles. He demonstrates why some foods were not meant for human consumption, and how the chemical makeup of certain foods is altered during the cooking process, negatively affecting the nutritional value.

Elkaim's reasoning makes perfect sense. He explains why some people who believe themselves to be nutritionally fit are still plagued with health concerns and excess body fat. He also explains why someone who appears to be physically fit may not necessarily be healthy.

He provides a section specifically for athletes who may require a high caloric intake. There is a 12-week meal plan for transitioning to a whole foods diet. He closes the book with pages of recipes for dishes included in the meal plan. The book is incredibly thorough and contains all the information the reader will need to embark on this new lifestyle.

There is a catch, however, in that many of the foods and supplements the author touts so highly may not be available at your local grocer. You'll most likely need to visit a health food store for the supplements. Many of the fruits and vegetables are difficult to find, as well, especially since the goal is to find them organically grown and unprocessed. High cost grocers and specialty stores like Trader Joes will be a necessity to adhere to the diet completely, unless you have access to a farmer's market with organically grown produce year round.

Eating for Energy is well-written and easy to understand. However, the formatting makes it difficult to read at times. The font is very small and close together, and the margins should be widened so the reader does not have to break the spine of the book to be able to read across an entire paragraph. This is especially applicable to the recipe pages, where the reader may need to prop the book open and have their hands free while cooking.

Eating for Energy is an impressive nutritional guide. Even implementing parts of Elkaim's advice without adopting the entire plan can be beneficial to readers. Understanding how the body processes food is an important step in nutritional health. Perhaps as more people adopt an organic, whole foods diet, grocers will begin to make these types of foods more readily available."

Good read, good to go back and reference, July 24, 2008
By Reader (Toronto, Canada) - posted on

"A friend recommended this book to me. I've been hesitant to read it or make too many changes to my diet because I'm happy with my health and my weight. I am SO GLAD I read this book. It has changed many opinions and misconceptions I had. I definitely have more energy now and I reference the recipes frequently."

Game changing book, July 23, 2008
By Health nut (Toronto, Canada) - posted on

"This book was a game changer for me. I have learned how an organic and raw diet can affect your energy level, lifestyle and long term health. I will never move to a total vegan diet, but I have reduced the amount of red meat in my diet significantly and started to add other raw based green vegtables, legumes and nuts. In addition, with the recipes in the back, its easy to create fun, unique and tasty meals. I highly recommend this book."

Greatest Nutrition Book Ever!!!, July 9, 2008
By Foodmaniac "Adam" (Australia) - posted on

"This book is a real eye opener. Has some amazing facts on raw foods, dairy, meats and how what we eat, can either increase our energy or even give us certain diseases.

Lots of recipes, free newsletters and ongoing support from the Author.

Give it a shot!"